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Website Design

We build websites that are easy to customize and easy to maintain. For us and for you.

We have been designing and programming websites since the day we opened our doors back in 2001. Our platform of choice is Drupal, a widely-used open source content management system. Compared to other platforms, we find that Drupal excels in flexibility, customization and editing.

With Drupal, our website designs are built for the long haul. While many of our website clients have adapted, updated, refreshed or changed content over time, as they ought to, this did not require starting from scratch.

We are able to adapt our website design structure to specific client needs, and clients love the freedom that comes with the option to edit their own content based on the needs of business day-to-day. For instance, our client, the Wisconsin Academy, is able to manage 90% of their content-rich website on their own, which features a quarterly magazine, conferences, gallery events and more.

What makes Drupal a great choice:

  • Easy to edit
  • Easy to customize
  • Extremely flexible
  • Built for the long-haul
  • Fast and secure
  • Well supported
  • Mobile ready
  • SEO friendly

Starting with the right platform is only part of the solution when it comes to a complete website project.

A website design strategy that elevates your content and helps you connect and communicate with your audience is key.

We are a design team that understands how to take your thoughts, aspirations, your existing brand elements, or even the roughest napkin scribbles and turn them into a design that meets your goals and needs, and fits your personality.

Things you can expect from Huston Design:

  • Design that appeals to you and your audience, with an emphasis on your key content features and message.
  • Expertly crafted and carefully selected visual elements that pair with your message and your brand 
  • Compelling typography that’s easy to read
  • Simple (that’s a good thing!) site navigation/structure that provides the foundation for a good user experience
  • Tailored functionality, such as event calendars, personalized maps and other things unique to your business.

A note about SEO…

Simple SEO principals are built into in all of the websites we create for clients. We design with the core principals and functions of good SEO in mind. When it is time to escalate your site to the top search spots, we work with a number of local SEO professionals that will get us there.